Coast Annual 001

The gold wedding band – a circle with no beginning or end – fashioned from one of the earth’s ‘noble’ metals for its ability to withstand corrosion – has long stood as a symbol of eternal love between husband and wife. In 1970, Francesca Curtis and Phyllis Papps exchanged such rings, declaring their faithful commitment to each other at a time when homosexuality was still a criminal act for men. It would be the beginning of a lifelong love affair that would see the two women spend 48 years together as devoted partners.

Kitchen design with 'wow'

If you’re looking for a highly skilled and experienced kitchen design consultant in Melbourne, Rachel Collard of Co.Kitchens is one of the savviest kitchen creators on The Block. Yes, pun intended. Rachel was one of the kitchen design consultants on Channel 9’s smash hit renovation show, The Block. You won’t forget her work. Rachel worked with viewer favourites Norm Hogan and Jess Eva as their kitchen design consultant for their 2018 renovation project at the Gatwick Hotel.

Rain Room Needs No Umbrella

It doesn’t get more romantic than moving through the rain – listening to that hypnotic cascade of water, reaching your hands out to catch the spill of that sky born liquid, twirling in the arms of the one you love, as droplets sprinkle down upon you from the clouds above. Now you can have that experience, but without getting wet. All the beauty of a rain shower with no soaking clothes and washed out blow waves to ruin the magic.
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